Need individual attention?

Are you experiencing tummy troubles or just not feeling yourself? Think food might be an answer to your problems but don't know where to start? In our 90 minute Individual Evaluation session, I’ll review your full health history, 3-5 days of food journals, and a full nutritional questionnaire that looks at metabolic health as well as brain health.  We’ll use all of these tools to get to the heart of what may be causing you discomfort.  I’ll present some ideas about how we can address your issues and we’ll spend most of our time together developing an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle AND sets you up for success.  This could be dietary changes, grocery shopping tips, cooking tips, supplements, recipes, and/or lifestyle changes.  Some clients walk away with a list of key dietary changes to make, while others require supplements to get their digestion back on track.  It’s a different journey for each individual and I’m here to support you in every way possible. The price is $175 for a 90-minute phone/video or in-person consultation.